Within each investment plan - advanced and basic - there are different 'risk levels’. For our basic plan, these scale from risk level 1-5, and for our advanced plan they scale from risk level 1-4. The risk level you chose is usually based on how far away you are from retiring, and also the type of risk you want to take with the stock market. 

For example, risk level 1 is typically for people who are closer to retiring, who are investing over the short term (0-2 years) and want to avoid as much financial loss as possible with their pension. This scale increases gradually up to risk level 5, which is typically for people who are just starting out, are willing to risk large losses for higher gains, and are investing over the long term (10 years +).

Although we cannot give financial advice and help you with your investment decision, we can answer any questions and give you as much information as possible on this topic. Please just chat to us in the bottom right corner.

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