The magic key to locating your pension is the dreaded policy reference number. The policy reference number is a 16 digit string of letters and numbers. You can find this by:

  1. Searching ‘pension’ in your email inbox and trash, to see if your provider has sent you any emails about your policy. From here you can find your provider name, and check if you’ve got an online account with them that you can log into to try to get your policy reference number
  2. Checking P45, P60, payslips or any documentation from your previous employers - these documents may say who the pension provider is that your workplace set the pension up with.
  3. Call or email your old employer or manager (hopefully not awkward😂), asking if they know who the provider they set the workplace pension up with is. For this, you’d need to know the rough dates that you worked there from, and using your national insurance number they should be able to help you.
  4. Call the pension provider your old employer advised your pension is set up with, stating your name, NI, previous addresses and names, and the employer this policy was held with. They will definitely be able to state whether they have a policy in your name and what the policy reference number is over the phone.

    Once you've got the provider name and policy reference number, go ahead and enter this on the 'combine' button on your dashboard. Once you've clicked submit the transfer will be processed straight away with the other provider, and we will be in contact as soon as we have an update from the provider.

Read our blog here for more information on how to track these old pensions down!

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