Yes! A Penfold pension is for every and any body, employed or self-employed. A Penfold pension is a Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) which is a fancy word for a private pension. Many of our customers are employed and have a private pension, such as Penfold, on top of their workplace pension as they want to save more for their future, rather than just relying on what their employer pays into a pension for them.

Many of our employed customers use their Penfold pension as their 'main' pension, where they build up a pension with their work, then transfer this over to Penfold once they've finished and moved onto a different job. Customers continue doing this over the years as they move from work to work, to build up their Penfold pot rather than having lots of pension pots scattered around with different employers and providers throughout the years.

The Penfold pension is a great way to keep organised!

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