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Where are my contributions invested?
Where are my contributions invested?

Can I choose where I invest my pension, in a specific fund?

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You have a few different options to pick to decide where your money will go.

Standard Plans

If you pick the Standard plan, your pension contributions are managed by BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, to invest your money for you, you can just pick the risk level that suits your situation! BlackRock work hard to protect and grow your savings over the long term through a wide range of low cost investments around the world.

For more information on how and where BlackRock invests your contributions specifically, read our How your savings are invested blog.

Sustainable Fund

Similar to the Standard plan, BlackRock manage this fund for you. The Sustainable fund invests across thousands of companies and other investment assets. But through its advanced technology it aims to invest only in companies that meet high sustainability standards and scores.

Read more about our Sustainable Plan.

Shariah Fund

Our Shariah compliant fund is managed by HSBC, and it invests only in companies that are compliant with Shariah law.

Read more about our Shariah Plan.

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