Penfold has partnered with BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, to invest your money for you. They work hard to protect and grow your savings over the long term through a wide range of low cost investments around the world.

Investment risk levels

We offer four different risk levels, ranging from the least risky that contains a low proportion of your money invested in equities (stocks & shares), increasing to the most risky level which contains a higher proportion of your money invested in equities. 

  • Level 1 This may be preferable to those closer to retirement within the next 10 years because it is the lowest risk level, with less of your pension invested in equity (stocks and shares) and therefore has a lower chance of your pension decreasing in value just before you retire.
  • Level 2 This may be preferable to those midway from retiring (10-15 years), as this is a low-middle risk level, where there is some more growth potential and risk as slightly more is invested in the stock market. 
  • Level 3 This may be preferable to those who are longer away from retiring (over 15 years), and is a middle-high risk level where the growth potential and risk is higher as a slightly larger percent of your money is invested in the stock market. This may be preferable for someone younger because they have more time to make up any market ups and downs in their pension before they retire.
  • Level 4 This may be preferable to those who are over 20 years away from retiring as it is a high risk level, where there could be significant high growth but also large market ups and downs along the way, where the majority of your pension is invested in the stock market. This level may be preferable to younger people typically because they have a longer way until they retire, so any dramatic market drops can be overcome over many years, allowing a more gradual upward trajectory.

Of course you can choose which risk option you are most comfortable with and can change it at any time. 

Investments overview
Please note that no investment is risk free – taking risk should help your savings grow over the long term. BlackRock add an extra layer of ‘risk management’ for your money though, which should help protect it in times when global investment markets are less stable. This should give you the peace of mind to leave your investments in place for many years and not have to check them from day to day.

BlackRock invest your money in line with their MyMap strategy, which is specifically designed for long term retirement savings. It is low cost, broadly diversified, and built to react to the market, so that the ups and downs should be within the level of risk you are comfortable with.

You can read more about how your savings are invested here.

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