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How to: Find my old pensions

What are the steps to locate old pensions from previous employment?

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So to find existing pensions from previous employment, the magic key is to find the name of the pension provider and your policy reference number (which should be a string of numbers and letters). There are a number of ways to find your old provider(s) and the policy number;

1) Call the previous company and find out who the pension provider was whilst you were working there, or search through any correspondence you may have received about your previous pensions

2) Use our "Find My Pension" tool to help you locate old pensions - you just need to log in to Penfold, click "Transfer Your Pension" and the option to "Find My Pension" will be there!

3) Use the government's free pension tracing service - you'll just need to search your old employer's name, and if the government's database has the information, you can find out who the pension provider was

4) Search 'pension' in your email inbox and junk mail folder to see if your previous pension provider has sent you any emails about your policy

Once you know your provider, all you need to do is get the policy reference number from them, which is a simple case of calling your pension provider and stating your name, national insurance number and the employer who set this pension up for you. They'll be able to tell you your policy reference number after they've gone through a few security questions.

Can Penfold find my policy number?

Unfortunately, we don't have the authority to request these details from other pension providers for security reasons as they're personal to the policyholder! This means that you'll have to get in contact with them yourself if you can't find your policy reference number elsewhere.

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