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Withdrawing from your pension
How do I request to withdraw my pension from Penfold?
How do I request to withdraw my pension from Penfold?

Find out how to request a pension withdrawal.

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If you're making your first withdrawal from Penfold, you can now request it via the Penfold app! πŸš€

Log in on the app or a web browser and go to the 'Withdraw from your pension' tile on your dashboard to get the process started. You can also access this page by clicking on this link.

If you have withdrawn from Penfold previously, you'll need to get in touch with us on our live chat, or by email at to let us know you'd like to make another withdrawal.

  1. Let us know: When making further withdrawals, get in touch with us via our in-app chat and tell us you'd like to withdraw. We'll start the process immediately.

  2. Pick how you'll withdraw: Decide how you'd like to access your money. Get access to our expert withdrawal guides and resources to make the right decision for you.

  3. Confirm your details: Your security is our priority. Sign our documents digitally, and confirm your bank account details to let us know where you'd like to receive your withdrawals.

  4. Enjoy your retirement: Once we've processed all your information, you'll receive the payment into your chosen bank account. This normally takes a few weeks.

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