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Why aren't my pension contributions showing?
Why aren't my pension contributions showing?

Discover how long it takes for your pension contributions to land in your Penfold account.

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If your pension contributions have been deducted from your last payslip, but you are yet to see this arrive in your Penfold pot, don't panic!

Your pension deductions from your payslip will usually be paid into your Penfold pot around the middle of the following month.

For example, your pension deductions from January's payslip will land in your Penfold account around mid-February.

This is because it takes a couple of weeks to receive the pension information from your payroll team, process the contributions on your Penfold account, and then have that money allocated into your pot.

You will receive an email confirmation from us once the money has been allocated into your pot. ๐Ÿ˜Š๏ธ

If it's been longer than this and you still don't see your contributions in your pot, please let us know by sending an email to Weโ€™d be happy to look into it for you.

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