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IRIS Staffology Quick Start Guide
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Setting up a Penfold Pension in IRIS Staffology

👉 Tip: You'll need the 'EmployerID,' a unique code assigned by Penfold to each employer. Typically, it starts with PEN followed by your Company Number. You can find it on the dashboard 👇

To create a Penfold Pension in Staffology Payroll, go to the Pensions menu and click Add New in the top right corner. Select Manually Enter Details, and complete the following information:

Create new pension scheme

Provider name: Penfold

Group name: you can leave blank

Qualifying scheme: ensure this box is ticked


Name: Penfold

Pension rule*: if you have set up Salary Sacrifice, select this option here. If not, use Relief At Source.

Qualifying scheme: ensure this box is ticked

Relief at source: If using Relief At Source, ensure Subtract Basic Rate Tax is ticked.

Disable AE Letters - this is optional. If you want Staffology to produce statutory notices, leave it unticked.


Name: Penfold

CSV format: PAPDIS

Exclude employees with no contributions: ensure this box is ticked so that only active members are included in the PAPDIS CSV file

PAPDIS Version: you can use either: Penfold accepts version 1.0 or version 1.1

ProviderID: this is usually a 3 digit “flight code” denoting the pension provider. For Penfold, use PEN.

EmployerID - a unique code assigned by Penfold to each employer. Typically, it starts with PEN followed by your Company Number. You can find it on the dashboard.

👉 Tip: If you have some employees on Salary Sacrifice and some on Relief At Source you will need to set up 2 pensions, one with each basis, and assign employees accordingly.

We’ve focused on the mandatory information in this guide. There are a few other areas you may wish to use, but we don’t need you to:

  • Provider contact details such as postal address

  • Administrator details

  • Worker Groups - you can use these to set up different contribution rates, etc, if preferred (although you can also override contributions for individual employees in payroll, so may not necessarily need the complexity of additional worker groups)

Once you are happy that the scheme is set up, press Update Pension Scheme to save. Done! ✅

Making Penfold the Auto Enrolment scheme

Next, you need to make Penfold the Auto Enrolment scheme for your payroll. You can do this by:

  • Going to the Company dropdown menu and selecting Edit Details.

  • Go to Pension and select Auto Enrolment.

  • In the Auto Enrolment section:

    • Select Penfold, and select the appropriate Group (there may only be one).

    • Leave ‘Include non-pensioned employees on submissions’ unticked

    • Enter your staging / re-enrolment dates and any postponement rules on the right hand side

Click Update Employer to save these details. This will ensure that employees are enrolled in the Penfold scheme by default from this point onwards.

Enrolling employees in Penfold

To enroll employees in Penfold, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the Employee menu and select the relevant employee

  • Go to Pension and:

    • If the employee is already in an existing scheme, click Leave Scheme to update them as having ceased membership

    • When the employee is not in an existing pension, select Join AE Pension, either:

      • Select “Automatic” to enrol the employee into the default scheme through the normal assessment process

      • Select “Enrol” to force enrolment - this enables you to select the enrolment date and override the default scheme if required

How do I set IRIS Staffology up to produce the right data?

Great news - this has already been done as part of the scheme set up. By following the above notes, you have configured Staffology to export PAPDIS CSV files for your Penfold scheme, and these can be easily dragged and dropped into your Penfold Platform to process both enrolments and contributions.

Sending enrolments and contributions to Penfold

When you finalise your pay run, you will be presented with a batch of outputs, including the payslips, FPS and Journals.

Included in this list, you’ll see a “Pension Contributions Updated” report for each pension scheme - select to see a PAPDIS report, which you can export as a CSV.

There is no separate Enrolment report, but if you want to enrol employees early, e.g. to ensure they get their Opt Out window before payroll is run (albeit you’d have to finalise and then reset), you can upload the PAPDIS CSV to the “Add Employees Only” window in the Penfold Platform. Alternatively, upload the file(s) to the Payroll Pension window and all outstanding enrolments and contributions will be processed in one go.

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