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What is my EmployerID for?

Your Employer ID is used to identify your company and ensure that pension contributions are correctly allocated to your employees' accounts. It is needed in the files you download from payroll software and upload to the Penfold Platform when you’re enrolling new employees or processing contributions.

Where can I find it?

Your Employer ID has been provided by us in your Welcome Pack. It is usually ‘PEN’ followed by your Company Number, and it is the same code as your Employer Pension Scheme Reference (EPSR).

If you are a platform user, you can find your EmployerID in the top right corner of your company dashboard.

How should I use it?

To ensure your Employer ID is present in files uploaded to the Penfold Platform, enter it into your payroll software before exporting the files. We recommend copy and pasting to avoid any typos or errors.

In your payroll software, when setting up or editing your Penfold scheme, look for an option to enter your Employer ID. It may be labeled as "Provider reference," "Employer number," “Account number”, “Employer code” or something similar.

If you are setting up a Penfold pension in your payroll system for the first time, we have articles to guide you through the process with some of the most commonly used payroll providers:

Highlighted in yellow below is an example of where to add the Employer ID in the Staffology payroll software

If you have any questions or concerns about your Employer ID and how enter it into you payroll software, contact us on webchat or email

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