Which file formats do Penfold accept?

Get up to speed with Penfold's accepted file formats and discover how using PAPDIS files can minimise errors and delays.

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Which file formats do we accept?

To avoid delays and minimise the need for you to correct errors, we recommend using PAPDIS files.

File format



✅ ✅ recommended for both for enrolment & contributions to minimise errors in file


✅ for contributions only

Penfold contributions

✅ for contributions only

Penfold enrolment

✅ for enrolment only



Nest enrolment

❌ not accepted


❌ not accepted

.numbers /.xls

❌ not accepted


❌ not accepted

.doc/ .docx

❌ not accepted

What is a PAPDIS file?

📄 PAPDIS is a file format for workplace pensions. It’s designed so that payroll only needs to make one file for both enrolment & contributions. It works for all pension providers.

How do I download a PAPDIS?

Downloading a PAPDIS file is straightforward! Check out these guides for some of the most popular payroll software platforms to make the process even simpler:

We accept both PAPDIS versions 1.0 and 1.1

PAPDIS files make pension processing easy. They're standard in the payroll industry and can be exported from various software. With data for both enrolments and contributions, you only need one upload per pay period. Penfold accepts both versions, 1.0 and 1.1. Check out the attached example of a version 1.1 file below.

What do I do if I can't download a PAPDIS file from my payroll software?

No problem if your software can't create a PAPDIS file. Penfold will accept your file as long as it includes the mandatory information using the correct column names. We made easy .csv templates with all the required details for enrolment and contributions - you can download these below.

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